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Peel Off Rubber Mask - Milk + Butterfly Pea | Nourish
  • Rubber Mask...Jelly Mask...Alginate Mask...Modeling Mask...Plasticizing Mask...


    No matter what you prefer to call it, this type of mask is a revolutionary masking experience.


    Rather than washing off with water or a cloth, it forms a spreadable gel that quickly sets to a flexible rubber texture and peels off easily in one piece. It helps increase the absorption of serums and active ingredients and locks in moisture.


    Ultra comfortable to wear and great for all skin types, this type of mask helps erase fine lines, tighten loose skin and improve skin elasticity. It instantly influences a more radiant complexion and leaves skin feeling fresh and soft.


    Single-use mask. Packaged in compostable and biodegradable single-use kraft packet.

    .35 oz | 10 g.

    Peel Off Rubber Mask - Milk + Butterfly Pea | Nourish

    • Milk + Butterfly Pea:


      Contains 3 unique and exotic milk powders from around the world: Sheep, Camel and Donkey. Nourishes skin with a wide range of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fats and antioxidant rich Butterfly Pea.

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