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Purple Clay + Amethyst Face Mask
  • Pure + Simple + Effective



    Naturally Colored Clays and Genuine Gemstones combine to deeply cleanse and nourish for beautiful, glowing skin.


    Brazilian Purple Clay effectively, yet gently, purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores while absorbing excess oils. It is rich in minerals, such as magnesium, that are essential for younger looking and firmer, smoother feeling skin. Recommended for all skin types.



    Highly esteemed throughout the ages, and considered to Ancients a “Gem of Fire”, this richly purple mineral has been worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond. Purifying, detoxifying, and balancing, it's rich in silica, a trace mineral essential for glowing skin. Naturally attracts and absorbs dirt and impurities from the skin, brightens the complexion, refines skin texture, and encourages a radiant glow.


    White Kaolin Clay is the mildest of all clays and is rich in silica, a trace mineral essential for glowing skin. It naturally absorbs dirt and impurities, nourishes with a wide range of minerals, and helps to brighten the complexion. Recommended for mature and sensitive skin, but can be beneficial for all skin types.


    Color results from variations in naturally occurring minerals that the clay has absorbed over time. Contains no pigments or dyes. This mask does not stain skin and rinses easily. 


    Contains no essential oils. Perfect for a fresh + earthy facial (my favorite!), or use with your own essential oils for a custom facial every time. This mask is the ultimate skin luxury.


    Try paired with our Organic Hemp + Bamboo Facial Cloths and Towels.

    Packaged in Clear Glass Bottle with Eco-friendly Cork top.


    0.75 oz. | 21 g.

    1.7 oz. | 48 g.

    Purple Clay + Amethyst Face Mask

    • Mix 1 teaspoon clay + 1/2 teaspoon filtered water in a small bowl. Apply a thin layer using a clean cosmetics brush or your fingers. Leave on 5 - 10 minutes, not allowing clay to fully dry, then rinse with warm water and a clean cloth.

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