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Workhorse™ | Mineral Infused Deodorant

Ultra effective and unique natural deodorant.


3 oz. | 85 g.

Workhorse™ | Mineral Infused Deodorant

  • Somers, MT

    I recently purchased the deodorant from our local farmers market and was skeptical since I have yet to find a natural deodorant that works for me. Either it controls the odor and makes me break out or its doesn't cause irritation but also does nothing for odor. She was confident that the product would work and that it was unlike any other deodorant out there....and I am here to tell you she was right! This is literally the best deodorant I have ever used. It goes on smooth like butter, melts into your skin and controls odor for easily 24 hours which is un-heard of for me! Amazing! I can't wait to buy more!


    Kalispell, MT

    I have probably the world's most sensitive arm pits so I am allergic to most natural deodorants and have tried every avenue there is. It has been frustrating couple of decades to say the least. I got this deodorant at the Kalispell Farmer's market last week and I'm so excited. It actually works and so far so good no reaction which is miraculous!!


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