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Ancient Sea Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

Himalayan Pink Salt formed over 250 million years ago from mineral rich and pristine evaporated sea beds.


Carefully mined deep within the Himalayan Mountains from these ancient salt deposits, Himalayan Pink Salt is considered one of the most mineral rich and pure salts on earth.


Rich in over 84 trace minerals and elements, this ancient salt is combined with organic botanicals and pure essential oils to create a luxurious soaking experience, helping to improve the tone and texture of skin, ease muscle soreness, and calm your mind and body.


Net 15.5 oz. | 434 g.


Packaged in reusable and eco friendly glass jar with bamboo lid.

Ancient Sea Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

  • Toss a handful of Ancient Sea Himalayan Salt Bath Soak into a warm bath, relax and soak!

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