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Facial Cleansing Grains

Fredericksburg, VA

I got my Cleansing Grains in the mail yesterday and immediately ran upstairs to wash my face! I'm absolutely in love with them, my face never felt so much better after just one use. I'm a believer - just wanted the world to know how GREAT your products are!!!

Herbal + Botanical
Facial Toning

Helena, MT
I've used the toner for about a week and completely hooked/addicted. I can't believe I'm seeing results this fast! The two products have helped even out my skin tone, and really calmed down most of the red, acne-scarred patches! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND ANYTHING BY CANNA BEEZ! (note: reviewed with Green Machine Face Mask)

Seattle, WA

Really excellent toner. With sensitive, acne prone skin, it's always nerve wracking to try new products, especially when they're to replace one I've happily been using for a while. The old toner I was happy with switched to the spray mist bottle (I'm sorry- For me, toners belong on a cotton ball), and the company shrank the bottle down in size while raising the price. Time for a change. After some thorough research, I found this toner, and could not be more pleased. It's very high quality, and potent (think Kiehls but more pure and effective). Feels great on my skin (not sticky or tacky, even in humidity). Makes my skin feel clean, with a healthy, comfortable pore tightening feel. Best of all, it heals. A couple of spots were lingering around, and this stuff cleared them overnight. Will most certainly purchase again!

-Standard cap also available-
Body Butter 100.jpg
Body Butter

San Jose, CA
I was recommended this product to use as an eye make up remover, which it does remarkably! The smallest amount takes off every trace of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I love it! I also use it as a night cream on my face, which I was hesitant to do at first because it is on the heavier/rich side, but I'm glad I did. It offers a great balance of hydration! It has helped to clear up my skin and even out my skin tone. Of course, it does well as a body lotion, and again, a little goes a long way! I am very impressed with the products versatility and I would recommend it to anyone.

Chicago, IL
Gentle and super moisturizing! I have been managing moderately severe rosacea and very dry legs and arms and nothing seemed to be moisturizing enough or if it was, it was irritating to my sensitive skin. Canna Beez Body Butter makes my skin supple and soft without any irritation. It's not going cure my rosacea (there is no cure), but I can safely put it on my face without fear that it will make my symptoms worse and it effectively keeps the skin on the rest of my body balanced. With winter approaching, this product is a skin saver for those of us living in parts of the country where the weather can wreak havoc on our skin.

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Green Machine 100.jpg
Green Machine
Enzyme Cleanser
+ Mask

Helena, MT
I got the Green Machine Facial the Made in Montana show; used it twice and instantly loved the instant results. I love the mask so much..
Merrifield, MN

Works better than any face mask we've tried, very clean and natural. Love how soft skin feels.

Sanford, FL

I love this face mask!! I purchased this product at the Columbia Falls [Community] Market, while visiting the area. I am very picky about ingredients and only use natural products. I'm so glad I found this and decided to give it a try. Best face mask I've ever used! I usually don't give reviews, but I just had to let people know how pleased I am with this mask. I love how it exfoliates - my skin stayed smooth and soft and moist for days! I will be using this often, and will probably try some other things in this product line, thank goodness for online sales!

Double Shot 15.jpg
Double Shot
Eye Cream

Martin City, MT

At 70 yrs old, I have progressively aging skin with extreme dryness in winter and increasing allergies to most commercial ingredients. Have been using Double Shot on whole face and neck since June (2+ months) and wow, what a difference. Anxious to see how it does in winter and will probably use with Body Butter which seems slightly heavier. In the past I have tried everything at department store cosmetic counters and in the infomercials, and anything else regardless of cost, that promised anti-aging effects. NOTHING HAS WORKED AS WELL AS CANNA BEEZ DOUBLE SHOT!

Kalispell, MT

Double Shot Eye Cream is the bomb. I use it [on] my whole face and neck. I have tried many other products and this is my official face cream.

hand salve.jpg
Herbal Hand

Bigfork, MT

My 7 year old daughter suffers from a condition called dyshidrotic eczema which basically means she develops hundreds of tiny blisters on her hands when she is in water too long. Our doctor has been a miracle in helping us understand and prevent outbreaks when possible but the aftermath, when an outbreak does occur, is very tender, dry, cracking skin on her palm. We decided to try Canna Beez Herbal Hand Salve and within a day, her hand had stopped hurting. Within a week, her skin had started to resemble skin again. I’m so thankful to have found your product line. Thank you!

Whitefish, MT

I took the hand salve on the Grand Canyon with me for a 28 day wet, sandy, oar gripped trip and I have to say it worked amazing.

Kalispell, MT

I just bought the herbal hand salve because my fingertips were cracked, infected and sore! I'm a metal smith and these fingers get worked! I applied it over and over all day the pain was gone, the swolleness was gone and I am well on my way to healing and able to get working again! Unbelievable outcome!!! Thank you for making such a healing product!

Botanical Facial Oil Moisturizer.jpg
Botanical Facial
Oil Moisturizer

Kalispell, MT

Bought this about a year ago and finally just started using it for about a month now. It is great - I wish I would have used it sooner I have some weird reactions to products, so have to be careful, thus my hesitation in trying it. You can actually see less wrinkles when you use it. It is an oil, but sort of sinks in perfectly so it doesn't look that oily. It feels good like it is nourishing my face, which is welcome when you hit 60! Feels extra good with the drying effects of low humidity in our area and winter heat/wood stoves, etc. Saw this place to review when I was going on-line to figure out how to order some more. Try it , you'll like it!


Fredericksburg, VA

Ok anyone who knows me, knows I am a total freak when it comes to my face. I will try just about any skincare product if it will help my temperamental skin..I've been using [Canna Beez] products for a few weeks now and my face has honestly never looked better than it does now. [This] botanical facial oil is to die for. I literally douse my face in it every morning and won't be disappointed!


San Francisco, CA

Excellent product--love it! Absorbs quickly and is very moisturizing with no greasiness. Fabulous ingredients and good for sensitive skin, as there is no added scent. The bottle makes it easy to dispense the exact amount you want without waste. I use a bit more at night and less during the day; it works well under makeup too. Also, good pricing and fast shipping. Very happy with this purchase.


San Francisco, CA

Superb moisturizer. Helps keep my skin balanced and soft. I am a very happy repeat customer!


Cascade, ID

I love this oil. Thank you for making an unscented oil. Living in the mountains of Idaho, I need extra moisture in the winter. This facial oil makes my face feel wonderful.


San Francisco, CA

Absolutely wonderful moisturizer. Full of super ingredients and fantastic for sensitive, dry skin. I love it so much! Definitely recommend this product and Becky's shop.


Cascade, ID

This is my favorite facial oil. I doesn't clog my pores nor is it greasy. I added chamomile this time, and the oil is soft and soothing. Whenever my face feels dry, I grab my oil and put on two to four drops. Wonderful product.


I love this stuff! Thanks so much!


Blue Tansy Serum open crop
Blue Tansy
Facial Serum

Dillon, MT

I absolutely love this serum! When my skin is acting up, I use the Black clay mask then follow it up with this serum, and my skin is glowing and perfect in the morning. It has a delicious botanical smell, and I love that it has completely natural ingredients and is made in Montana ♥

Pequi Up 30.jpg
Pequi Up
Moisturizer PM


I am sooo in love with this product, one of the best natural skin care product I’ve ever used.

Such a wonderful smell and texture, I love it!!! Thank you so much!

Lip Balm

Love it~ It's very moisturizing and smells great

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