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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Pure + Simple + Effective


Naturally Colored Clays and Genuine Gemstones combine to deeply cleanse and nourish for beautiful, glowing skin.These masks are the ultimate skin luxury and this set gives one full facial in all 8 colored masks.


Red Clay + Jasper     TONE | BALANCE

Gold Clay + Citrine     PURIFY | TONE

Pink Clay + Rose Quartz     NOURISH | SMOOTH

Green Clay + Aventurine     PURIFY | NOURISH

Purple Clay + Amethyst     PURIFY | BALANCE

Blue Clay + Aquamarine     TONE | SMOOTH

Black Clay + Tourmaline     PURIFY | DECONGEST
White Clay + Pearl     BRIGHTEN | PERFECT


Color results from variations in naturally occurring minerals that the clay has absorbed over time. Contains no pigments or dyes. This mask does not stain skin and rinses easily. 


Contains no essential oils. Perfect for a fresh + earthy facial (my favorite!), or use with your own essential oils for a custom facial every time.


8 Vials: 0.11 oz | 3 g. each

Clay + Gemstone Mask Sampler

  • Mix 1 mask vial + 1/2 teaspoon filtered water in a small bowl. Apply a thin layer using a clean cosmetics brush or your fingers. Leave on 5 - 10 minutes, not allowing clay to fully dry, then rinse with warm water and a clean cloth.