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Hemp Soap Dish Pad

The very best soap dish. 

Helps keep soap dry to last longer*.


Our Soap Dish Pads are made from natural 100% Hemp fibers for amazing absorbency and durability, and a textile that wears in rather than wears out.


Moisture Wicking 


Machine Washable


Eco Friendly

Ultra Absorbent

3x Stronger than Cotton


Use alone or place it inside your favorite soap dish.

The perfect size for our soap bars.


Naturally Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic.


Sold individually.

Each pad is unique and handcrafted in-house.

Soap sold separately.


Approximately 4" x 3"

Pads have not been prewashed, and may shrink a small amount.

Hemp Soap Dish Pad

  • 100% Hemp Fibers

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